Reading programme created by eight year old Lavinia Veiongo Vaha’i of Fo’ui, Lolopaongo, ‘Umutangata, Hihifo Tongatapu

Eight year-old Lavinia Veiongo Vaha’i came up with the idea to use Kolovai Library to create a fun learning experience for her friends looking to read together and connect in the exciting space of the library.

Her mother Veisinia Vaha’i said Lavinia is always looking forward to the fortnightly meetups at the Library.

“They’re happy reading together, helping each other to improve while making friends” said Veisinia.

“The very best part of reading is when you get to exciting parts and when you read to other people” said Lavinia.

Mele Kamoto, the manager of library, said they hope the fanau in the reading club will now mentor others in their village and help setup other reading groups in the many villages of Hihifo District, Tongatapu

Eight year old Lavinia Veiongo Vaha’i is the grand daughter of late Hon Vaha’i & Late HRH Princess ‘Elisiva Fusipala ( Tuku’aho ) Vaha’i.

Daughter of ‘Eiki Alematea & Veisinia Vaha’i of Fo’ui Lolopaongo ‘Umu Tangata, Hihifo, Tongatapu

Summer reading programs are a great way to encourage your child to read over the summer months. So why not give them a little incentive to really get into that summer reading? 

The library is a great place to explore new books and authors for free. Many libraries also have story hours or other literacy programs for kids. Trips to the library give your child a chance to develop good reading habits and to see other kids doing the same thing.

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