Kolovai Public Library- Fala ‘o Ata. Kingdom of Tonga. Open Mon-Saturday. Free access to internet today 24/09/21 & tomorrow Saturday 25/09/21. Everyone are welcome during opening Hrs. Please call either Mele on +67641413 or cellph# +6767717343

Kolovai Public Library Fala ‘o Ata Kingdom of Tonga www.kolovailibrary.mykoha.co.nz Ph: +67741413 cellphone# +6767727343. Hrs: 9:30am – Mon – Friday. Sat 9:30am – 3pm. Email: mounu17kamoto@gmail.com


Kolovai Public Library Fala ‘o Ata. Kingdom of Tonga



Ph: +67641413

Cellph# +6767717343

Hrs Today 11 -4pm

Manager has a funeral to attend

Please call if needs to Borrow some library books either on landline or Cellphone. Feel free to leave a message for Mele & she will return your call. Malo

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