Founder of the very first community public library in The Kingdom of Tonga Brendan D & Kahoa Meimuli Corbett.

Our ideas to have the very first community public library set up in Kolovai is when  the Cyclone Gita damaged 85 % of all residential houses including local Primary Schools. These houses has  no roof on most of them including my family house. We visited the local Free Wesylan Primary School next door and noticed there were no journal books for these children to read. Floor was very damp and all furniture were damaged. Our hearts went out to these schools and the community for what had Gita done to the community. We then decided to approach the Auckland Central Library head Office head of the Cancelation to see if they can help us starting up this project. Emails were sent out to all 57 Auckland Public Libraries by Tricia Alexander letting them  know that we are setting up the very first Community Public Library in Tonga and that we will ship them over. May 2018 we started collecting books including some of the schools donating journal books as well. Now we have shipped already thousands of books and the library will be up and running OC July this year. CFR line shipping company have been very generous to us and offered to ship all our books to Tonga free of charge. Ministry of Education in Tonga offered to sign off the consignment when books arrived in Tonga. We are very happy with the generosity of the Auckland City Council, 57 Auckland Libraries Branches, Lion Internationals Ellerslie/Onehunga, Onzo bikes, Bunning Warehouse Mt Roskill, SKYTV, Sam Soane for proviting all light bulbs for the whare Library, Electrician Folau Manu and his staff for installing all the lights for us and to all branches of Auckland Libraries. Malo ‘aupito. Nga mihi nui atu.

Kolovai Community Public Library Fala ‘o Ata. Kingdom of Tonga



Mobile#: NZ +64210746996

Mobile# Tonga +6767717343

Landline: Tonga +67641413

Home Landline# Tonga +67641293

Email: kahoacorbett@gmail.com Email: mounu17kamoto@kolovaicpl

PO Box 1118, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu. Tonga Is




Email: kahoacorbett@gmail.com

Email: mounu17kamoto@gmail.com PO Box 1118, Nukualofa, Tongatapu. Tonga Is

Te na koe NZ acting High Commissioner first update from the Kingdom last night everyone for your thoughts and concern. Tonga’s internet is down after the undersea cable broke yesterday. Thankfully we have satellite connectivity through the MFAT system – but only in the NZ High Com office. It’s been an awful time, but Nuku’alofa is still standing, electricity has been restored to many homes, local mobile phones working but not internationally. The big clean up will be getting under way this week. Volcanic ash has blanketed Nuku’alofa. Will try and load some photos this week.

Scientist are predicting that Tonga’s main Island, Tongatapu, could be blanketed in an ash this morning. An Auckland University volcanologist, Shane Cronin, said that magma type erupted by Hunga- Tonga – Hunga- Ha’apai is called is an ‘intermediate composition’ similar to what comes from Ruapehu volcano. It was not especially rich in volatiles such as sulphur or flourine, and as a result this volcanic ash was not especially toxic. How ever, all volcanic ash could produce acid rain. “Help will be needed to restore drinking water supplies” Dr Cronin said the Hunga- eruption was one in -1000-year event. Radiocarbon dating suggested one major eruption of this scale occurred about AD1100 and another in AD200, he said. “This along with other data from the volcanic ash records, suggests a recurrence interval of 9000 to 1000 years for very large eruptions at the volcano. “The current eruption seems to be one of these large events which fits with the timing since the last of these in ( circle ) AD1100 Ofa lahi Atu ki he famili katoa ‘i Kolovai Moe Tonga katoa ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Kolovai Public Library Fala ‘o Ata. Kingdom of Tonga. Kia Kaha famili. Our hearts are towards the famili, whanau and everyone in the Kingdom. Nga Mihi nui Atu mei Aotearoa ♥️

Kolovai Public Library Fala’o Ata Membership information. Register for a free membership to get access to Kolovai Library extensive collection of books, magazines and DVD’s, simply visit Kolovai Community Public Library and present a photo ID ( Driver’s License, Passport. Kolovai Public Library memberships are open to all ages. You’ll also have access to Free WiFi, library Kolovai Public Library Fala ‘o Ata. Kingdom of Tonga. If you haven’t used the library in a while and you’re not sure check on www.kolovaicpl.wordpress.com or www.kolovailibrary.mykoha.co.nz or call +67641413/ +6767717343 home +67641293 email: mounu17kamoto@gmail.com

Hrs: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4pm

Saturday 9:30am – 3pm

PO Box 1118, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu Tonga Is

Level up your Whanau reading and have fun with Kolovai Community Public Library this summer. Dive into our fun reading charllenges from today.

Please call manager Mounu Kamoto on +6767717343/+67641413/+676 41293

Free access to wifi this New year holiday break



PO Box 1118 Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu. Tonga Is

Kolovai Community Public Library Christmas Holiday Opening hours. Please check back For future up dates. If you really want to use Wifi during Christmas holidays. Free access to wifi. Please don’t hesitate to call Kolovai Library manager Mounu ki Holeva Kamoto on: +6767717343 Em: mounu17kamoto@gmail.com or library landline +67641413. Leave a message and Mele Mounu can return your call accordingly when free. ” Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold “May you have a prosperous New Year” “Wishing you a happy, Healthy New Year ” May the New Year bless you with health, wealth, and happiness “Have a sparkling New year . Malo ‘aupito for using our only Public Library and first public library in the Kingdom of Tonga. ‘Ofa lahi Atu. Meia au Kahoa Meimuli, Brendan Damien, Mounu ki Holeva Mele Kamoto & best catologuer Daisy ‘Ahoika ‘Aho mei Tamaki Makaurau Aotearoa ♥️

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